ticketmaster is making waves: If you hate Ticketmaster, read this

If you hate Ticketmaster, read this

June 11, 2011 |(26) Comments

For most concert and sports fans, Ticketmaster is the enemy.

Ticketmaster is the company that tacks on those service fees, delivery fees and mailing fees when you buy a game ticket or a ticket to an upcoming concert. You know you curse them when you buy a ticket.

Ticketmaster happens to be enormously profitable: the company accounts for roughly 70% of all tickets sold for American arenas, music clubs and professional sporting events, excluding all-season sports tickets.

But change may be in the air. Fred Rosen, who built Ticketmaster before leaving years later, wants to take on his old business.

According to this terrific story in the New York Times, Rosen has a new business in which he cuts out the middleman – that would be Ticketmaster – and put ticketing back in the hands of the arenas, concert halls and clubs. His new firm, Outbox Enterprises, helps venues use their own websites to sell tickets.

As the story suggests, it’s not clear Rosen will succeed. But even the big players in the ticketing business say no one should bet against Rosen.

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