The Beatles come to iTunes: I suddenly feel furious


Nearly a decade after Apple Inc. introduced iTunes, the digital downloading service finally has landed the Beatles. ITunes on Tuesday rolled out the Fab Four’s music for legal downloading for the first time, offering 17 albums encompassing all 13 of the group’s original studio albums, the double “Past Masters” collection of nonalbum tracks, two hits compilations and a box set including everything except the hits collections. It has finally happened, but it wasn’t easy. Beatles songs are finally available in Apple’s iTunes store. But while the Fab Four might be the most notable iTunes holdout, they certainly aren’t the last. In the past, he’s stated he believes iTunes is “killing” music, and says he won’t give in until Apple offers variable pricing and will allow more album-only downloads. A dwindling number of artists are still resistant to joining Apple’s music download service.

Searches on iTunes for AC/DC, Kid Rock, Tool, Garth Brooks, and Def Leppard will return disappointing results: karaoke and cover tracks, not material from the artists themselves. AC/DC and Apple have an ideological agreement; the Australian band protests Apple’s policy that offers albums piecemeal. It marks the first time that Beatles songs have been available for digital-download sales. Finally, a digital destination to discover and consume the biggest group of all time.” Does it matter that Beatles are on iTunes?

How did the two sides get it right? That interminably long and inexplicably winding road has come to an end – long after fans who wanted the Fab Four’s songs already had them. “iTunes and Apple Corps missed the revenue stream a long time ago. After that it was very easy to cut a deal.” They code-named the initiative “Bastille,” as it coincided with Bastille Day. “They truly think that they’re saving music,” the singer said in a 2009 USA Today report . And I’m sure they’re just doing it all in the interest of making as much…cash as possible. Somebody buys “Revolver” on disc and passes it around. Mr. Faxon had previously served for many years as a senior executive at EMI’s music-publishing division, where he won a reputation as a low-key but effective executive, in an industry filled with outsized egos. Let’s put it this way, it’s certainly not for the…love, let’s get that out of the way, right away.” AC/DC’s most recent album was purposely kept out of Apple’s music stores. (Credit: Last. Until we get variable pricing, until we get album-only downloads, then they are not a true retailer for my stuff, and you won’t see my stuff on there.” Multiple sources said that with meandering anthems that overlap into one another, ambient rock band Tool has the same misgivings about iTunes. Professor Mnookin noted that he often tells his students, “Before you go into any negotiation, any party should ask, what are my interests, what do I care about, and what are my alternatives if I don’t make this deal?” It is not immediately obvious that the Beatles-iTunes agreement had to happen now.

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