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Finding Great Software and Vocal Samples Online

When it comes to being a musician and trying to create their own music, it’s a fact that not everybody has their own recording studio with the fanciest equipment that all the professionals use. It’s just not practical for most people to have this. However, this does not mean that they should not be able to have access to some great software that allows them to create some amazing music right from their very own computer.

Top Jimmy Buffett Songs (Lisa A Mason)

Jimmy Buffett first recorded songs in the 70s with Barnaby Records. His first album was titled “Down to Earth” and his second one was titled “High Cumberland Jubilee.” Since this was the early years of Buffett, his songs had a different approach to music than what it took on in the albums he later recorded.

Guitar Accessories: A Case for Cases

One of the many guitar accessories that you can’t do without is a guitar case. It is so important to your guitar that many manufacturers include the case in the price of the guitar. Many manufacturers make cases specially designed for particular models and ship the guitars inside these cases to the retailer. This practice makes buying the guitar without the case difficult – and rightly so. Read on for more valuable tips on how to make choosing the perfect guitar case simpler.

Sound Packs

What are sound packs you ask? Sound packs are what the modern hip hop beat makers use today to create hip hop instrumentals for rap artist. Some established producers and beat makers have gone so far as to putting out their own sound packs for up and coming aspiring producers.

Mark Hartley shared A Look Into The Splendid Neumann TLM103 Microphone

The world has literally hundreds of microphones in use, but Neumann tlm103 microphone has been designed after a careful analysis of the limitations faced by the other designs. This product has been designed with a red Neumann logo for identification. The key mechanical features of the Neumann TLM103 reveal its flexibility as it accommodates different swivel angles and positions.

Josh Vollmer shared Gloss Drop By Battles

Saying that the band Battles is experimental doesn’t really do them justice. It’s like saying the gamma bomb that turned Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk was experimental.

Get Professional Quality Sound Indoors And Out With A Bose System by Charles Wallace

Nothing beats the quality and durability of Bose speaker systems. For individuals who truly appreciate music, there is nothing that equals the sound of Bose. Once you’ve experienced Bose quality firsthand, you’ll never want to go back. And with a wide range of Bose products available online, there is no reason to settle for second best.

U2 Origins by Jim Serf

If you studied popular music of the last three decades, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band with the influence on music as well as social and cultural issues as the group U2. Front man, Bono’s strong belief in the triumph of the human spirit over the sometimes horrible human condition is more than well known.

The 70’s: Storytellers, Rockers, and Disco

The ’70’s rolled in and pretty much took up where the ’60’s had left off.  The turbulent ’60’s had seen the assassination of president John Kennedy and soon after, the shooting of his brother, Robert, an  unpopular and seemingly no win situation with the war in Vietnam, and another assassination of a man who was trying to bring about great change, Martin Luther King Jr.

HelpfulAll About Microphones

Microphones, colloquially known as mics or mikes, is basically an acoustic to electric sensor or transducer, capable of converting analog sound signals into electric signals. The first microphones came into being in 1876, when Emile Berliner used it as a equipment to transmit telephone voice.

Worth readingBright ‘N’ Shiny Bassist

Born in 1960, Adam Clayton was the eldest son of Brian and Jo Clayton. Birthplace was Oxfordshire, England, but not for long however. Brian Clayton was a pilot, so the family moved around a bit, before finally settling down in Malahide, Ireland. Adam was now 5 years-old. He spent some time playing with neighborhood kids. Including the Evans’ kids, Dave, his brother Dick and sister Gillian. If you don’t know already or if you read the other bios, Dave Evans would later become Adam’s U2 bandmate, the Edge. The two families parted ways and the inevitable would have to wait until Adam would read Larry’s note on Mount Temple’s bulletin board.

Michael Corleone shared About The Fender Stratocaster Guitar

It is probably the guitar which every guitar player should have. The most flexible and playable guitar in the history of the planet. Jimi Hendrix, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Eric Clapton are just three of the thousand legendary guitar players who could testify to the versatility and the satisfaction that they had when they used it.

BestThe Youth Of The ’60s Found Their Voice Through Rock And Roll

An entire thought-provoking experience is often had by the individuals who are listening to Hendrix vinyl, Janis Joplin albums, Dylan records, etc. One may be reminded of the very power of humankind to rise up against oppression and strive for freedom, instead of just listening to the music. Few decades in United States history were as influential as the 1960’s.

Top 5 Noteworthy Rap Beats of All Time

This article is about the classic hip hop records that have passed the test of time. Some of the best of the best. If you don’t like these beats you probably don’t like hip hop.

The Beatles Books I Own – My Five Favourites

I’ve been collecting books about The Beatles since my early teens, and I’m now nearing the age of 50, although I admit my trawl of Beatle-related volumes has diminished in the last ten years or so. However, I find it almost therapeutic to revisit some of those Beatles books I grew up poring over and I’d like to recommend five from my collection that I can safely class as being amongst the favourites of all the Beatles books I own.