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7digital To Take On iTunes I’m sure we must all feel horrified

Popular music download service 7Digital is planning to compete with Apple’s iTunes on its own turf by submitting its application for approval on the App Store. The service, which is already available on BlackBerry and Android devices, will allow iOS users to download music on their devices, access them offline and even sync wirelessly, a feature which is yet to arrive on iTunes. The UK-based firm also announced that it would be powering the music download service of Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy Tab Android-based tablet device. Ben Drury, CEO of 7digital, said in a statement : “Our partnership with Samsung in the creation of the music service on the incredible new GALAXY Tab illustrates the flexibility of 7digital’s open technology and geographical reach.” “The deep integration of our APIs within the GALAXY Tab music application, combined with our extensive catalogue of MP3 music, provides a fantastic user experience that makes it simple to discover and purchase music.”   7Digital’s service will also feature on Toshiba’s upcoming Folio tablet device as well.

How to Sort iTunes Songs and Fix Your Music Library Automatically

iTunes can be such a hassle for us mp3 nuts. Find out how you can quickly and easily sort out your iTunes and never have to deal with a messed up music library again. There is a simple plugin out there that can can save the day and help you put things on autopilot. Read this article to find out more.

Apple iTunes 10

Apple iTunes 10 Apple’s iTunes, the default music player for over 160 million people worldwide, continues to expand with new features that …

Awful livenation rumors: Live Nation Gains; Powers New Concert Listings In Apple iTunes

By Eric Savitz Live Nation (LYV) shares got a lift in Wednesday’s regular session from news that the company is providing the concert listings that are now being included on the Apple (AAPL) iTunes music service. “We are thrilled to power the concert listings feature on iTunes and deliver this new and simple way for millions of iTunes users to purchase concert tickets at and ,” Live Nation CEO Michael Rapino said in a statement. “Our partnership with Apple is a key part of our strategy to empower fans with the greatest access to live entertainment.” LYV today jumped 62 cents, or 7.2%, to $9.26.

Register HP buys iTunes jailbreaker

HP buys iTunes jailbreaker Beefing up its mobile OS By Andrew Orlowski • Get more from this author Posted in PCs & Chips , 25th June 2010 10:09 GMT Free whitepaper – The Register Guide to Improving Systems Agility HP has bought one of the more interesting music startups for an undisclosed sum. Melodio’s nuTsie software looks up what’s in your iTunes library, including the playlists, then matches it against a catalog of music on its own servers, from where the music is then streamed. It creates recommendations based on machine algorithms – which isn’t so interesting. But nuTsie offers a legally acceptable, if expensive (streamers must pay webcast royalty rates), way of migrating a user base away from iTunes. The software runs on Apple, RIM and some other smartphones.

Stunning Biggest Threat To Apple iTunes Is ‘Google Music’ Hitting A High Note

While Google has been battling it out with Apple for quite some time on the hardware front – Droids vs iPhones – and on the mobile advertising side – AdMob vs Quattro Wireless – it now appears to want its own music download service to go mano-a-mano with Apple’s iTunes, as well. While Google doesn’t always grasp the brass ring each and every time it circles the digital carousel, in this case, it does have a fighting chance of scoring big if they do it right. A major component of Apple’s core business model is built around its iTunes platform. The music download services has beat out the competition markedly over the years and its been a direct conduit for users to move from apps to hardware, i.e.

Have you read this – The complete guide to the iPhone’s new OS

The new iOS 4 firmware update has arrived for newer iPhone and iPod Touch models. Here’s what you need to know to get the most out of the new, improved operating system. Afterwards, be sure to go to iTunes and download the apps updated for iOS 4 . Now, let’s look at what the new OS will do for your phone or iPod. Multitasking and fast app switching The big one

It fell out of the sky: Google planning iTunes downloads rival?

Rumours are abound today regarding Google’s massive iTunes rival music and media download service coming to a computer near you in arrive by the end of the year, according to music industry sources Rumours regarding a Google iTunes rival started earlier on in the year when the tech giant Google bought out Simplify Media, and the ideas started to form around a Google download system for PC’s and Android systems, plus an inclusion in the forthcoming Google Chrome operating system that is set to be coming to computers and smart devices in the coming months. Google + Music Google are reportedly in talks with many music execs regarding the service and have been pushing for a music service that will not only tie in the search engine giants search functionality but will also be live and searchable on Android handsets and OS operating devices. One of the features recently talked about at the Google I/O conference was a new desktop app and Android service that will allow users to stream music direct from their home computers to their phones through a dedicated internet service which would be likely to feature in any future Google music download system Currently Google are keeping pretty quiet but as Apple have recently found out, you can’t keep a good secret in for long. Popularity: 1% ?
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I am shocked to hear: Google to challenge iTunes with own music store

A certain Internet search giant is rumoured to be rolling out a Google music download service built into its search engine in 2010 with a dedicated online subscription service to follow. A shot at the core of Apple’s business A huge part of Apple’s business is built around its iTunes framework . The music download service that has since been used as the launch pad for the company’s extremely successful app store has long been Apple’s digital retail space and a way for the company to tie its users to its hardware (the place where Apple really makes its money ). Google, like Amazon before it, wants a piece of that pie, according to the Wall Street Journal . Details on how this Google music download service will work and whether Google has struck any deals with labels are still scant , but what is clear is the WSJ has heard more than just whispers , with the rumoured service still several months away.

Google to Debut Their Own iTunes Competitor Through Their Search Engine …

Back in the day if you wanted to buy music without leaving your home you were pretty much forced to use an illegal service such as the late, great Napster. As of late, companies are stepping in to fill the gap and offer completely legal, paid for digital downloads. Some prominent companies that are doing such things are Apple with their immensely popular iTunes and with their own music digital distribution website. Sure, there are still illegal ways to download music and there probably always will be but that’s not what we’re talking about here. What we are talking about here, however, is new competitors in the digital music industry

Alarming: Google ‘to launch music download store in 2010’ to rival Apple’s iTunes

Rumours that Google has been planning its own music streaming and download service have been doing the rounds since October 2009, but no confirmed details have yet to come to light. According The Wall Street Journal , “Google has been stepping up its conversations about offering new music services tied to phones running its Android operating system along with the broader web”. However, the launch of Google’s download music store is still believed to be “still months away”. The development of a music store would up the ante between the search giant and Apple – which operates the leading digital music store: iTunes.