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WOOT – iTunes’ New Rival

iTunes’ New Rival Spotify isn’t the only company doing this. There are others like Rdio, Pandora, and in the space. But …

Mondays breaking news Apple’s iTunes Store, App Store now cost roughly $1.3 billion a year to operate

By Josh Ong Published: 08:10 PM EST The costs associated with maintaining the iTunes Store and App Store have grown to more than $1.3 billion a year, according to one estimate.
Asymco blogger Horace Dediu crunched the numbers using data published by Apple at last week’s Worldwide Developers Conference. Dediu assumes that Apple continues to run the stores at “just above break even.”
The company has said for years that the iTunes Store and App Store do not generate much profit, as most of the it is invested back into supporting the stores.
According to Apple, the digital storefronts have reached 15 billion song downloads, 130 million book downloads and 14 billion app downloads.

Wednesdays latest development – Look out Apple: Spotify is coming after iTunes users

Music streaming service Spotify has a major announcement… The company announced Wednesday morning that it would begin offering iTunes and iPod integration to premium subscribers, with a bonus MP3 store for those who want to purchase the songs they have been streaming. With this move, Spotify is aggressively courting Apple’s vast user base, possibly in preparation for its long-anticipated launch in the US. The first part of Spotify’s announcement involves integration with “classic” style iPods, such as the iPod classic, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. Normally, users can only manage the playlists for those devices through iTunes software on the Mac or Windows, but Spotify says that users can now plug in their devices and have them appear in the Spotify sidebar for song management.

TIME – LizaMoon Malware Spreads Through iTunes, Infects 500000+ Pages

Music lovers and Apple fanatics, beware: There’s a new malware campaign out there, and it’s using iTunes to get to you. The malware, nicknamed “LizaMoon” by security firm WebSense, was first discovered on March 28th on 28,000 webpages, many of them associated with RSS and XML feeds for iTunes podcast updates. A more recent update claims that upwards of 500,000 pages are now affected (Google claims 1.5 million pages, although WebSense is unsure about the veracity of that number ). According to WebSense, Lizamoon tries to convince users that they need to download software to remove an existing virus, although the warning can appear on pages unaffected by Lizamoon, the infection having happened earlier without any visible sign for the user. The security firm even made a video to explain more: There is one benefit for iTunes users – Apple says that it prevents the code from automatically executing even on affected feeds – but if you’ve downloaded any podcasts from iTunes lately, you might want to update your antivirus systems, just to be on the safe side.

Apple Pushing ‘Great AirPlay Apps’ via iTunes Instantly I feel cautious

iOS 4.3 brought many great features to iPhone and iPad users, from personal hotspot, to a brand new, ultra-fast JavaScript engine . One of the new – yet less known – feature offered by the new version of the operating system is AirPlay support for third party apps. Third-party developers can now use the AirPlay API to stream content from their apps, to any AirPlay compatible devices such as Apple TVs – a feat only reserved to Apple-branded apps thus far. For the occasion, Apple has opened a specific AirPlay-compatible apps section in iTunes to showcase the best apps that leverage the technology.

E Canada Now: Apple Considering Unlimited iTunes Downloads

Apple has initiated discussions with four major record labels to allow customers to download songs purchased through iTunes an unlimited number of times. The record labels contacted by Apple are EMI, Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group Corp. According to unnamed sources, if negotiations are successful, Apple plans to begin offering the new service this summer. This move if successful would allow iTunes customers to permanently back up purchases made through the store and download them to multiple devices such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod as well as a home computer or laptop.

Interesting apple itunes article – Thursday’s Apple Rumors — Google’s Coming for iTunes

Here are your Apple rumors and news items for Thursday: Motorola Hints at Google iTunes Battle: According to The Guardian , Motorola (NYSE: MMI ) CEO Sanjay Jha may have accidentally confirmed the existence of a new Google (NASDAQ: GOOG ) music service that will compete with Apple’s (NASDAQ: AAPL ) iTunes service. While speaking at the Mobile World Conference, Jha said that Google’s Android 3.0 platform, called Honeycomb, would make the tablet equal to Apple’s services because it “adds video services and music services.” He then elaborated on his point saying, “If you look at Google Mobile services today, there’s a video service, there’s a music service… that is, there will be a music service.” Google has tried to match Apple in each digital retail category — both companies opened e-bookstores last year, Apple’s iBookstore and Google Editions. Google’s music service would be a serious threat to Apple’s iTunes if it followed the Google Editions model of linking purchases to a Google account and being accessible via a web browser, which would make it available to Apple handset users. Apple Corners Panel Supply Market: Taiwanese tech newspaper DigiTimes says that the flood of new contenders for the tablet crown held by Apple’s iPad are going to face serious supply issues as they come to market this year.

Fridays breaking news – Hacked Apple iTunes accounts sell in China for pennies on the dollar

By Katie Marsal Published: 09:00 AM EST A Chinese online store is selling hacked, illegal iTunes accounts tied to active credit cards, offering $200 worth of content from Apple’s service for as little as $30.
China’s Global Times this week revealed that about 50,000 illegal accounts are being sold through, with prices ranging from just 1 yuan to about 200 yuan, or $30. Many of the sales are said to be stolen iTunes user accounts being re-sold by hackers.
“Potential buyers are promised access to music and movies through iTunes amounting to seven times more than the amount paid,” the report said.

Amazon MP3 swallowing heavy loss-leaders in fight for iTunes market share (We’re getting bored with headlines like this)

Amazon’s MP3 download ambitions continue to fall short of Apple’s iTunes behemoth, with even heavy discounts and loss-leading sales failing to claw away significantly at their rival’s market lead. According to the latest stats from NPD Group , Amazon clinched just 13.3-percent of the paid digital download market in Q3 2010, a 2.3-percent rise over the previous year, while iTunes’ share climbed three points to 66.2-percent. However, Amazon has been forced to stomach expensive loss-leaders in order to make that increase: while Apple negotiates wholesale prices to suit its download deals, insiders tell the WSJ , Amazon generally pays around $7-8 wholesale for music it offers at around the $3.99 price point. Meanwhile, record labels – though anecdotally frustrated by Apple’s control over the market – suggest that Amazon is doing even worse than NPD calculate. Those the WSJ spoke to say Amazon may have only 6- to 10-percent of the market, versus Apple’s 90-percent.

Saturday’s outrageous events: Beatlemania on iTunes set to buoy EMI profits

By Daily Mail Reporter Last updated at 1:25 AM on 21st November 2010 EMI is set for a boost in profits after strong sales of Beatles songs on Apple’s iTunes download service, but the company has denied accepting unfavourable terms to sign the deal. Beatles records are set to dominate the British and US single and album charts with 15 Beatles’ records, led by Hey Jude, expected to be in the UK Top 40 single chart when it is published today. The music is available for download after a deal between the two surviving members and the heirs of the Fab Four and Apple computer company to sell the records on iTunes was finally reached last week. EMI, which owns the rights to The Beatles’ recordings, played a key role.

Shocking apple itunes news: Apple iTunes sees Beatles downloads rise in charts

Beatles has featured on Apple’s app store- iTunes. This move has surely affected music’s digital grounds and at the same time it speaks of the best music featuring in Apple. Experts claim that in terms of digital music, Beatles were the holy grail, a band which although broke, but managed to sell the highest number of recordings in the music industry. As the deal was publicized yesterday Australian time, the Beatles’ music began to feature as one of the best sellers in the world. Indeed, the iTunes charts offer music fans an instant, virtual census on just what the most popular Beatles tracks and albums are present