Shocking apple itunes news: Apple iTunes sees Beatles downloads rise in charts


Apple iTunes sees Beatles downloads rise in charts

Beatles has featured on Apple’s app store- iTunes. This move has surely affected music’s digital grounds and at the same time it speaks of the best music featuring in Apple.

Experts claim that in terms of digital music, Beatles were the holy grail, a band which although broke, but managed to sell the highest number of recordings in the music industry.

As the deal was publicized yesterday Australian time, the Beatles’ music began to feature as one of the best sellers in the world.

Indeed, the iTunes charts offer music fans an instant, virtual census on just what the most popular Beatles tracks and albums are present.

In case of Australia, for example, Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club is presently the infamous Fab Four album, followed by Abbey Road. And follows the infamous songs like- Let It Be, Here Comes The Sun, Twist and Shout and Hey Jude, in that array.

In case of US, Abbey Road and The White Album are the two of the most selling LPs, with Here Comes The Sun, Let It Be and In My Life the most popular downloaded tracks.

UK music enthusiasts have also released the 31 Beatles tracks into their iTunes Top 200, and presently the most downloaded songs are Hey Jude, Twist and Shout and Blackbird.

The prices vary in all three regions. For example in case of Australia, The White Album is priced at $35.99, however in the US it’s just $19.99. Similarly, Abbey Road costs $12.99 in the US and $20.99 in Australia.

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