Led Zeppelin: Finally Available in the iTunes store (in time for Christmas too)

Apple iTunes

Led Zeppelin. A name that’s probably been scrawled onto notebooks, carved into park benches, and spray-painted on walls more than any other. The name came from Who drummer Keith Moon’s idea that the group would sink like a lead balloon. Indeed they would create something heavy, but it wouldn’t sink – it would set the model for the ultimate rock band in the years to follow. Guitarist Jimmy Page, bassist John Paul Jones, and singer Robert Plant, and drummer John Bonham united to become the most deified rock band of the ’70s, embodying excess, reinventing FM radio, and writing music that made you want to move your feet, shake your fists, bang your head, and basically act like a rock ‘n’ roll lunatic.

For the first time, Led Zeppelin is now available for download on iTunes! The complete Led Zeppelin remastered set is available to download for $99.99!

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