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Get Professional Quality Sound Indoors And Out With A Bose System by Charles Wallace

Nothing beats the quality and durability of Bose speaker systems. For individuals who truly appreciate music, there is nothing that equals the sound of Bose. Once you’ve experienced Bose quality firsthand, you’ll never want to go back. And with a wide range of Bose products available online, there is no reason to settle for second best.

Booking Your Wedding DJ (Michiel Van Kets)

Booking a wedding DJ takes patience as you want to get it just right to guarantee everyone invited has a great time – including the bride and groom! Check out DJs with websites and view their videos and list of songs, there’s thousands to choose from that are sure to get everyone up onto the dance floor and enjoying themselves.

Acoustic Treatments for Churches

Churches and other large, spacious venues often have trouble with the quality of sound being produced by bands and preachers using microphones and speakers. From drums and guitars to organs and brass instruments the chances for distortion due to reverberation and sound reflection are increased when you don’t have the right acoustic treatments to deflect and absorb sound waves. If you are in charge of the music at a church or similar house of worship consider high quality sound baffle equipment to help reduce reverb time in the venue and achieve optimum sound that will be enjoyed by the entire congregation.

Why Go For an 88 Key Midi Controller?

Most musicians that are serious piano players want to get the most out of an instrument so going for an 88 key midi controller is the obvious choice. It’s not the number of keys that will dramatically increase the price of the keyboard anyway. It will more likely be the feature laden ones that are the more expensive ones.

Worth readingShure Headphones for Audiophiles

Every audiophile has their preference of how they listen to their music when they are on the go. You can choose from the many sleek designs of earphones or you can stay with the traditional headphones. Shure has a variety of both that are bound to fit your listening needs as well as keep you comfortable.

U2 Origins by Jim Serf

If you studied popular music of the last three decades, you’d be hard-pressed to find a band with the influence on music as well as social and cultural issues as the group U2. Front man, Bono’s strong belief in the triumph of the human spirit over the sometimes horrible human condition is more than well known.

Billboard Music Awards Background

Billboard is considered the creator of the most reliable music charts in the world, compiling its charts each week from sales data collected by Nielsen Soundscan and airplay data collected by Nielsen Broadcast Data Systems. From 1990-2006, Billboard Magazine sponsored the Billboard Awards each year in December to honor the past year’s successes within the music industry, based on its year-end music charts, and therefore, on popularity. From the outset, awards included Top Album, Top Artist, and Top Single in every genre.

Rockabilly Ain’t Elevator Music!

The title of this article pretty much points out the painfully obvious! In fact, when you think about what “elevator” music is, you can take the opposite of that and you’d have a pretty good description of what rockabilly is.

The 70’s: Storytellers, Rockers, and Disco

The ’70’s rolled in and pretty much took up where the ’60’s had left off.  The turbulent ’60’s had seen the assassination of president John Kennedy and soon after, the shooting of his brother, Robert, an  unpopular and seemingly no win situation with the war in Vietnam, and another assassination of a man who was trying to bring about great change, Martin Luther King Jr.

DiscoverThe Best Hip-Hop Album of May 2011 – HeartBeat by Pennjamin Bannekar

My initial choice for the rap album of May 2011 was a bit controversial with some friends. They thought I was crazy for even thinking about naming Tyler, the Creator’s album Goblin but I found his lyrics very entertaining and unique. However, a late entry into the race came out of nowhere and won by a nose.

DiscoverThe History of the Smaller Advent Speaker

If you are a retro speaker enthusiast, chances are you have heard of the Large Advent Speaker, but have you ever heard of the Smaller Advent Speaker? For audiophiles looking for that classic uncolored Advent sound without the huge footprint of the large advent speaker, the smaller advent speaker was the perfect solution. It reallt is a testament to the smaller advent speaker that even today, a pair of these bought in 1972 holds up against the current speaker technology of the day.

Perfect Wedding Bands and Music – Make the Right Choice

The first and most important thing is to decide what kinds of songs and music that you want to be played on your big day. There are so many options to choose from like traditional wedding bands/music, contemporary, light-hearted, religious, eclectic or somber. You can also choose music pertaining to a specific culture or according to the theme of your wedding if any. Once you have decided the framework, consider half the job done. It is best to sit down with your partner and make the selection rather than do it all by yourself; if you have hired a wedding planner, then make sure that she is also a part of your discussions as the music must reflect the overall mood of the wedding.