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Ticketmaster Scalps Tickets?

Ticketmaster is accused of scalping its own tickets In order to increase the prices and generate more profit is Ticketmaster abusing the …

Finding Great Software and Vocal Samples Online

When it comes to being a musician and trying to create their own music, it’s a fact that not everybody has their own recording studio with the fanciest equipment that all the professionals use. It’s just not practical for most people to have this. However, this does not mean that they should not be able to have access to some great software that allows them to create some amazing music right from their very own computer.

Xandra Lou E Nadayag shared “Top Jazz Songs at Lantaw”

Some say jazz music is for intelligent people. Been singing professionally for almost six years now and I’m so grateful to have a band with all the top musicians in Cagayan de Oro. Blacknotes Band being the only jazz band in CDO plays at Lantaw Cagayan every weekend.

Old Vinyl Records Are a New Beginning for Many by Lisa A Mason

To the older generation, old vinyl records are a reminder of a simpler time when people appreciated the music they listened to but for the new generation, they’re a new beginning. The young people of today are growing up on digitized music that comes from CDs and MP3 players. Many of them have never even heard of a record unless it was something they saw in a movie.

Best Johnny Cash Songs

Johnny Cash is a musical legend that will live on forever. Almost everyone has heard about “The Man in Black” and many of his songs are still played today. The dark attire he wore on stage earned him this nickname and his deep voice could never be mistaken for anyone else’s.

Top Jimmy Buffett Songs (Lisa A Mason)

Jimmy Buffett first recorded songs in the 70s with Barnaby Records. His first album was titled “Down to Earth” and his second one was titled “High Cumberland Jubilee.” Since this was the early years of Buffett, his songs had a different approach to music than what it took on in the albums he later recorded.

VST Guitar – 4 Sample Based Guitar Plug-Ins for the Keyboard Player

As a Keyboard Player who cannot play Guitar, I have in the past written about how to create a more realistic Guitar sounds and solos when playing live. However, where this may produce a slightly more realistic sound for live work, it falls very short when you want to record either backing tracks or original compositions in your home studio. This article details four sample based VST Guitar Plug-ins which produce very acceptable and realistic Guitar performances. Hundreds of articulations and performance effects can be easily achieved, all of them via a Midi Keyboard

Guitar Accessories: A Case for Cases

One of the many guitar accessories that you can’t do without is a guitar case. It is so important to your guitar that many manufacturers include the case in the price of the guitar. Many manufacturers make cases specially designed for particular models and ship the guitars inside these cases to the retailer. This practice makes buying the guitar without the case difficult – and rightly so. Read on for more valuable tips on how to make choosing the perfect guitar case simpler.

The Purpose Of Ledger Lines in Music

Have you ever wondered what the purpose of ledger lines is? Why do we have to read something like this? Is this someone’s idea of a practical joke? If you’ve ever tried to learn how to read ledger lines before, this may be exactly how you feel right now.

The Ultimate Guitar Buying Guide

Not sure just what all those terms mean in determining the quality of a guitar? Instead of just making sure that you have an instrument that plays in tune, frets easily, and doesn’t collapse like a house of cards if you breathe on it, you also need to make informed decisions. Don’t worry – that’s not as grave as it sounds. The following guitar buying guide will clue you in.

GoodGuitar Buying – Getting Started With A Practice Amp

If you have limited funds after guitar buying, but would like to own an amp, start out with what’s known as a practice amp – one that has a decent feature set (tone controls, reverb, and two or more volume controls so that you can sculpt your distorted sound) and that delivers a good sound but at low volumes (6 to 12 watts is typical on practice amps). This type of starter amp accustoms you to hearing the electric guitar as it’s designed to be heard – through a guitar amp.

Saving a Favorite Guitar Pick

In the fifth row back, just to the right of the stage you stand watching your idol on stage. Then, he smiles and throws his guitars pick into the crowd, right into your quivering hand.

Sound Packs

What are sound packs you ask? Sound packs are what the modern hip hop beat makers use today to create hip hop instrumentals for rap artist. Some established producers and beat makers have gone so far as to putting out their own sound packs for up and coming aspiring producers.

Guitar Buying Tips for Your Second or Third Guitar

Your toughest decisions in buying a guitar may come not with your first instrument at all but with your second. Admit it – your first time out was probably a blur, but now that you know a little bit about guitar playing and what’s available out there, you face perhaps an even more daunting prospect than before: What should you choose as your next guitar? If you’re still undecided, then you need some guitar buying tips.

Mark Hartley shared A Look Into The Splendid Neumann TLM103 Microphone

The world has literally hundreds of microphones in use, but Neumann tlm103 microphone has been designed after a careful analysis of the limitations faced by the other designs. This product has been designed with a red Neumann logo for identification. The key mechanical features of the Neumann TLM103 reveal its flexibility as it accommodates different swivel angles and positions.

GoodPiano Tuition Can Be Fun – If You Have An iPad!

Taking piano lessons requires commitment. You need to practice regularly in order to progress. Otherwise, every time you return to the piano, you waste time relearning techniques you should have already mastered. If you own an iPad, you can use basic skills to record and share your music – and as you improve your mastery, evidence of your progress can quickly and easily be captured on the iPad.

Contemporary Praise and Worship Songs

We have about thirty years of history behind us in terms the beginnings of what we know in this genre. Before the seventies we sang, in our churches, mostly hymns. Of course hymns in and of themselves are beautiful but it is nice to have the diversity that we have today. This diversity is found in our contemporary praise and worship songs.

The Drums

Before we begin this review, I feel inclined to mention that I’m really not a fan of the whole fuzzed-out, lo-fi, unbelievably stoned beach pop thing that’s going on right now. For me, “buzz bands” rarely ever live up to the ridiculous amounts of hype they’re able to generate thanks to the miracle of the internet, but the bands in this awful, mutant genre are some of the worst offenders I’ve heard in a long time.

Josh Vollmer shared Gloss Drop By Battles

Saying that the band Battles is experimental doesn’t really do them justice. It’s like saying the gamma bomb that turned Dr. Bruce Banner into the Hulk was experimental.

Concert Sound for the Opening Act by William Winn

I decided to write this series of articles, in response to years of listening to my musician friend’s regale me with tails of woe, about “Bad Sound Experiences.” BSE if you will. Most often, these BSE’s had a common identifiable trait (New or inexperienced sound tech) and almost all were related to on stage monitor mixes. These unfortunate experiences made playing their music un-fun and un-inspiring. Since these are the two reasons most of my friends play music… I thought I’d try to help!